Sunday, March 22, 2020

Govt urged: Give free masks, sanitisers to the poor

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah China Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) urged the Government to procure protective equipment, including face masks and hand sanitisers, and provide them free to low-income households to effectively curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). 
Its President Datuk Frankie Liew said many low-income families could not afford to buy face masks and hand sanitizers, not to mention that these items have gone out of stock. 
Liew said China has successfully curbed the spread of Covid-19 and resolved the severe shortage of face masks. In fact, he said China has managed to mass produce face masks for export. 
Hence, he urged the government to import face masks from China and distribute them to low-income households in Sabah. 
“The government has revised the ceiling price of three-ply mask to RM2 per piece, which to lower income households and big families, was unaffordable. 
“The cost of face masks to a family with eight to 10 members, each uses one to two face masks a day, will be a financial burden,” he said. 
In addition, Liew urged the Government to consider providing free hand sanitisers and thermometers to low-income households, as they might not be able to afford these items. He also urged the government to enhance the logistics network in Sabah by providing more tax incentives for this sector. 
“This is to so more face masks and hand sanitisers could be delivered to Sabah in time at a more competitive pricing for the benefit of the people.
“Pharmacies in the State have also run out of face masks and sanitisers.”
Liew believed that providing the face masks, sanitizers and thermometers for free to the low-income households could aid in reducing the spread of the virus. 
At the same time, he said the government has deployed enforcement agencies, including the police, to set up roadblocks. 
However, he said these police officers and personnel were not equipped with thermal scanners or thermometers. 

“The government should equip the police and army with thermometers, sanitisers and face masks to enhance the preventive measures.”
Source> Daily Express