Sunday, March 22, 2020

Ex-goalie fighting for his life

KOTA KINABALU: Former Sabah goalkeeper Hj Hanafiah @ Han Sang Kuang (pic) is fighting for his life in a hospital in the national capital. There has been no official words on his illness, but the 67-year-old is understood to have attended the Tabligh gathering at the Sri Petaling mosque in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month.
A message by his son was forwarded to the Ex-State Footballers Association WhatsApp group a few days ago where he asked his father’s former team mates to pray for his father who is said to be in critical stage and currently on an incubator. Doctors have also informed the family members that they are uncertain whether his father will be able to recover from the illness. Hanafiah, who used to work for the Sabah Land and Development Board (SLDB) before retiring was one of the state’s top goalkeepers in his hey days during the late sixties and early seventies together with the late Peter Rajah and John Pius.

The ex-Lasallian grew up in Tanjung Aru together with Datuk James Wong and other football greats in the early sixties. James, who is President of the Ex-State Footballers Association when contacted on Saturday confirmed the message from Hanafiah’s son, but was unable to contact his family members for further information. “We have no idea what is his exact condition at the moment apart from the message we read from his son. Efforts by our members to try and reach his son past few days were also unsuccessful, so we can only pray for him and hope he can make a speedy recovery,” he said.
Source> Daily Express