Monday, September 5, 2011


Starting today, it's a countdown for my good friend Dorothy Reynoso aka Dottie fasting from technology. I'll start the counting from 30 til 1. She said she wanna "fasting" from TV, movies, cellphone, facebook, and twitter. She's my close friend on twitter and we chat alot. She dare me to blog the whole month without her on twitter. Well, here i present A Month Without Dottie On Twitter (AMWDOT). Today is the first day so i'm gonna start blog today.

She's my friend from Makati, Philippines and we gonna travel to Davao together this November. 
This is her picture.

She's pretty, isn't she? Well, she's a weirdo and special in her own way. I wish you good luck.. and tommorow another blog post coming up... hahahah and i feel bit tired. Work day again start tommorow.