Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today is Thursday and it's a bit cloudy outside. I logon to twitter last nite and i still can feel the difference when i tweet but no one greet me with "Yo Buddy". I really miss my buddy, Dottie.

Today my colleague not inside the room as he went for a wedding reception since last nite and i try to put my hand inside my pant but nothing can i do. I must take a rest. I remember when i check my facebook, a friend of mine Talullah Jane wanna introduce me to her friend. Maybe we can go together to Children of Bodom gig in Makati City. I asked her, "is she into rock music?" she replied, 'she's more into hiphop" whatta...... fail....

Maybe i should go with Dottie to that gig.. gonna ask her first... in a month.....