Monday, February 21, 2011

The Bird and The White Flower

I saw this story and heard about this long time ago... but i just read about it again recently.. i wanted to share this very good story with a very strong moral value behind it. And, it's same like the story of my life before.

A bird fell in love with a white rose,

He went to express his feelings to the white rose but she refused him
He went again she refuse him,
He went again she refuse him,
It went on like that for 3 weeks,

So by the end of the fourth week he went to her again,
To declare his love then she told him
"You have to wait until i am red"

But the bird know the white rose will never turn red because she is a white rose,
So he ran home brought out a sharp knife,
Cut through his left feather a sprinkle the blood on the white rose,

Then the white rose now realize the bird truly loved her.
But it was too late because soon the bird bleed to death and die..

*Appreciate anyone that love or care for you. Maybe that's the only chance you found your true love in life.