Thursday, September 9, 2010

Road Accident At Kunak-Lahad Datu Road

This is the latest photos i receive from some fella on facebook. It's happen on 8th September 2010 (29th Ramadhan). RIP to those who die in the accident. Be careful everyone while driving back to kampong. Don't race, be smart at road. Malaysia has the most highest accident/die during accident on road.

It seems that express bus involve in the accident too. I realize this maybe a mistakes from the bus driver or some other drivers, so "nak cepat" going "balik kampong".

Here some photos for you viewing pleasure maybe you can learn something from here:

And..... Happy Hari Raya... Jangan bawa pulang air mata kepada keluarga masa hari raya ini. Pandu cermat, jiwa selamat....