Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Promails.org Scam

I'm writing this lens to let people know about Promails.org. To let them know that Promails is a Scam. I have been a member now for 7 1/2 months. When I signed up with Promails I went into it with an open mind. I thought it's free, it's not difficult, and if it pays then even better. I did look them up to see if there had been any reports on them but didn't see much. The only information on Promails being a scam that I found was a web site that was ranking these paid to read and click sites. The only problem was is this site was obviously trying to push there own paid to read sites. So I dove right in.

Promails.org on the front of there site claims that if you are a free member that once you hit the minimum payout you can recieve payment in as little as 48 hours. This is a straight up lie! My current earnings right now are at $50,550.00. After I hit the minimum payout of $10,000 I hit the request payment button only to see a Large message in Bold letters stating you do not have enough earnings to request payout at this time. Then right below there is a message trying to get you to upgrade. I have been smart up to this point not to have upgraded. I have sent them 4 emails with just general questions just to see if they would ever respond and email me back. Guess what happened? You have it right, Nothing. Not one email response back. Now they do put out a paid to read email to your inbox every week from the admin that says the same thing: we have been getting a lot of emails that say, My request payment button doesn't work. The request payment button is only for upgraded members only. Once you hit your minimum payout you will receive payment in 30 days. Upgrade your membership now to request payment immediately. Then they show a screen shot of payments made to people my guess just a bunch of made up names.

It has been over 30 days and there has been no payment made to my Paypal account. Notice they state 2 exact opposite things from what the front of there page says to when you actually hit the minimum payout. My advice is to not waste your time with them. Don't let them continue to be paid to advertise. Don't support there site! I'm an advertiser myself and if I had one of my products on there site I would be ashamed. I would never do business with anyone that advertises on that site. I hope I'm wrong and one day I find my earnings in my Paypal account but until then I will do my best to make sure no one else wastes there time with Promails.org. If I do end up getting paid I will be sure to post and take back everything I have said here. I will be there biggest cheerleader but I really don't see that happening.

Some website also put article about this scammer: (original article here)

"ProMails.org is a PTR site which is online since the year 2008. At ProMails you should be paid for reading emails.

How much can members earn?
As a free member
Paid emails worth $50
$250 sign-up bonus
$25 for every one who will sign up under you
You will receive 30% earnings from your referral work

Does it sound too good to be true? Yes it is too good. No legit program will offer you this amount of money.

Payments to members 
ProMails promises to pay via Paypal, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, WesterUnion, e-gold, c-gold, Check. The minimum payout for free members is $10000 and no minimum for upgraded. Upgraded members should also receive their payments instantly.

Bad things

1-Well I was not able to find any payment proofs on the internet. Only huge amount of complains and scam warnings.

2-No forum where could unhappy members talk about their problems with promails.

3-McAfee site advisor mark this website as dangerous for your computer.

To sum up

ProMails.org is huge scam. They do not pay, all they want is your money (for upgrade packs). There is huge amount of complains about this PTR site all over the internet. Don’t join, don’t trust just avoid."

I did googled for some scam sites that promised "free-money" from clicking advertisement. I found lots of scammer website on the internet. Here i list some of it:

  1. 10bux.net
  2. 1centemails.com
  3. 247payouts.com
  4. Adbux.org
  5. aglocomails.com
  6. AngelBux (angelbux.com)
  7. Atbux (atbux.com)
  8. BestBux (bestbux.info)
  9. Big Money PTC (bigmoneyptc.com)
  10. BlackEarn (blackearn.com)
  11. BriteBux (britebux.com)
  12. Business-PTR.com
  13. b-u-x.net
  14. Bux.to
  15. Bux3.com
  16. Buxcorp (buxcorp.com)
  17. BuxPTR.com
  18. cashflowmails.com
  19. cashmails.biz
  20. cashmails.org
  21. cashnbux.com
  22. Casino-PTR.com
  23. Cherry-Mails.com
  24. Club4You.net
  25. CobyBux.com
  26. CreativeMails.biz
  27. Depacco.com
  28. DingoBux
  29. EnRich PTC (enrichptc.com)
  30. Essential PTR (essentialptr.com)
  31. EuroTradeMails.com
  32. Fast Money 24 (fastmoney24.com)
  33. FiloBux (filobux.com)
  34. Flybizs.com
  35. Future-PTR.com
  36. GammaBux.com
  37. getpaidfasttoday.com
  38. GetRefMails.com
  39. Giga-Mails.com
  40. globalPTR.com
  41. Goldbizs.com
  42. Green Horse
  43. happy-mails.com
  44. Hellish Dollars (hellishdollars.com)
  45. HighBux.Biz
  46. Insane Cricket (insanecricket.com)
  47. Instant PTR (instantptr.com)
  48. IsabelMarco’s Money Maker (isabelmarco.com)
  49. JokerBux
  50. LolliPopMails.com
  51. MagicalMails.com
  52. mailsmoney.net
  53. MassivePTR.com
  54. Mega Cash Zone (megacashzone.com)
  55. MNMBux (mnmbux.com)
  56. Mystery Clickers (MysteryClickers.com)
  57. NoMinCashout.com
  58. Ocean-Mails.com, oceanmails.com
  59. PaidClicks.WS
  60. PayDayPTC.com
  61. PayingClub.com
  62. PerformanceBux (performancebux.com)
  63. Pocket Favorite (pocketfavorite.com)
  64. ProMails.org
  65. PTC WALLET (ptcwallet.com)
  66. ptr-business
  67. Read2Money
  68. read2money.com
  69. RevolutionBux
  70. Rich PTC (richptc.com)
  71. RingMails.com
  72. rolex-mails.com
  73. SaladMails.com
  74. salemails.com
  75. seven-bux.com
  76. SweetsMails.com
  77. TickerBar.info
  78. TuePaid.com
  79. usdcenter.com
  80. Valuebux (Valuebux.com)
  81. Vinefire (vinefire.com)
  82. Vinefire.com
  83. Visit4Cash (visit4cash.net)
  84. waoIndia (waoIndia.com)
  85. WealthyPTR (wealthyPTR.com)