Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do You Feel It’s Secure?

If you entering the toilet, bathroom, changing room (fitting room) in any hotel or any retails , how confident you are that the mirror hanging on the wall really a regular mirror, or is it a two-way mirror or double-sided (people behind the mirror can see you, while you can’t see them)

There’s many place people put-up the two-way mirror inside women fitting room, sometimes inside men fitting room also. It’s really complicated in clear way to identify the surface by looking at it only. It’s time for us to be careful.

How to check if the mirror really a regular or two-way mirro? If inside the office, or investigation room, we can be sure it’s a two-way mirror but how about in public area?

A Simple Test (Finger-Nail Test)

Put your nail on the surface of the mirror. If there’s a gap between the nail and nail reflection on the mirror, it means it’s a regular mirror and it’s safe. But, if your finger nail directly like touching the reflection on the mirror, be careful, because it’s maybe a double-sided mirror. Hence, always remember, everytime you look into the mirror in any public places, make the “Finger-Nail Test”. It’s free and easy instead it’s also saving you from “Visual-Rape” by the pervert.