Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Officially Fan Of Sungha Jung

Maybe most of you don't know what am i talking about.. (same like me.. i also don't know what is it). I'm talking about a child prodigy. A child prodigy on guitar. I saw his first video on facebook and he make me really feel calm and serene while listening to his guitar. According to his official website, he was borned September 2, 1996 and that means he's only 14th this year.

After he expert on guitar, he now taking lesson on drums.. he is a true prodigy.. Every music he cover may sounds miraculously great and beautiful. Gossh.. i wanna download all his videos and watch at home. If i can be like him before. Wow!!!.. Maybe i'm a superstar now...

Have you ever heard someone play such good as him? Maybe yes and no.. some of them only from senior guitarist like Peter White for example. But try this and you may find a differences.And his album already out. Try order now.. I love this boy.. and hope my son will be like him ...

His official channel on youtube is:
Official website: 

*Please turn-off the radio at right side to get more feel on his music :-)