Friday, February 5, 2010

Sodomee-A Malaysian Very Own Product?

Really funny to know that this is one product by Malaysian. Sodomee ™ was introduced to Malaysia in 1999 and removed form the shelves in 2004. Why?
Ang lasa at kalidad ok ok, walang problema. Ang problema ay ang pangalan at paglunsad ng panahon ...

Sodomee ™ spokes man said "Ini hanya kebetulan. Kami merevitalisasi beberapa produk dan Sodomee ™ kebetulan salah satu dari mereka"( This is a co-incident, we are launching several products and this product also)

I also found one video, an animation creatively made by GomoMan []. Its a funny video but i think this guy really creatives. I found the video on youtube titled "Animasi Superhero GomoMan - Episod Mari Makan Sodo Mee" . It's a proof that this Sodomee ™ really a popular Malaysian product. But why me don't know about this eh? The name sounds funny. ang pangalan gumawa ako ng tawa.