Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grind Your Head 2010

IMPULSE Organizer

Manchester United Fan Club Cafe

Date: 3rd March 2010
Time: Not Mention
Ticket: RP50.000/RM18.50/USD6.00 (pre-sale)/RP60.000/RM23.00/USD7.00 (during shows)
Country: Indonesia
Contact: 085813597958/02194311463/08561737470 (Ask them about the time and the tickets)
Venue: Manchester United Cafe (MU Cafe), Graha Mataram, Podium Sarinah Lt. 2, MH Thamrin No. 11, Jakarta Pusat

Band Lists:
1- Onanizer (Rep. Czech Grindcore band)
2- Proletar (Jakarta/Indonesian High-Voltage Grindcore band)
3- Capital Carnage (Indonesia/Bandung Grindcore)
4- Soul Are (Indonesian/Jakarta Hardcore band)
5- Charvaka (Indonesia/Bandung Hardcore)

Onanizer Live at Rep. Czech

Onanizer Unofficial Video