Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're Not Malaysian?

I read these my 2 Sabahan friend's blogs before..

1- Puterikecubung

2- Thewanderingsumandak

Both of these blogs talking about same topics which are the topics into we Sabahan being called not Malaysian by some of Peninsular Malaysian... WTF!!!?? Maybe some of you get into this kind problem..same goes like me before when i went to KL Sentral while waiting for my cousin. I asked the person who worked inside the telecommunication shop there after paying my bill and his a Malay... "Encik, di mana Dunkin' Donuts?", he replied with an Indonesian slang/dialect "Bapak bisa jalan terus ke atas dan belok kiri.... bla, bla, bla," just because i talk in Sabahan dialect or in proper Malay language he speak Indonesian dialect to me... I say straight to his face... "Kamu gagal geografi?" and i can see his face turned red....

I just walked away afterwards.... i think he can't forget this until now and i might think he already committing suicide few months ago (just kidding).

This problem seems affecting us for quiet long.. not only Sabah but also Sarawak. Just because they came here need to declare some document to the immigration, so they call us not part of Malaysia? Stupid moron... I symbolize us a Sabahan as LOST in our own country... This is not to provoke Sabahan to becoming anti-Peninsular, but i want some narrow minded people from there, i would like to say, please learn geography and history again. If not because of us, there's no Malaysia. Respect our rights on the immigration issue and if we speak Bahasa Malaysia, i think we can pronounce it more accurate than yours.

For all of you who still think that we're not part of Malaysia....



  1. he he he he he.... I wish to respond this article in my blog.

  2. hehe.. kamu org sabah ek? sama la kita.. tukar link.... lama dah aku tak jumpa blogger sabahan.. nk berkenalan bole? ahaha

  3. respond please choy.. heheh seriously they always things that we're from other country..

  4. Jard: ya.. boleh :-)..kamu dr mana??

  5. dari kota belud.. bapa ku bajau.. maka dusun.. hoho

  6. ohh nice to meet you... this is one reason why i love blogging :-)

  7. haha. Cool down. :) Have a nice day!!