Monday, November 23, 2009


I just keep watching "Twilight" DVD last Saturday and i tracked what so different between the reading and watching. Of course, there's a different from the book itself.

While people keep debating about it, i find some similarity inside the story. It's the dialogue and i think it's too powerful inside the movie. Especially when kept slip from mouth of a "pale" person aka the vampire.woooo..

Honestly. i haven't read "New Moon" novel yet but i still want to watch "New Moon", a sequel from "The Twilight Saga".. lucky i am..i juz got a free tickets for it on 27th November, 9 pm at 1Borneo and sponsored by THE BODY SHOP. What a lucky i am to have this honour. Maybe they  want me  to see the strength between a natural beauty and the great environment inside the movie.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket now and go to THE BODY SHOP too. Maybe you can be lucky as i am and thanks again to the sponsor. :-)

p/s: (I heard there's a new fragrance from THE BODY SHOP's THE LOVE ETC. smells GREAT!)


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