Thursday, October 29, 2009

How To Make Money?

This morning my friend on plurk, Amy introduced me to one business. It's same like other internet business i saw before like by watching ads and some amount of money will be credited to your account. The different is for this one, this is totally belongs to Malaysian and the payment will be in Malaysian Ringgit. So this one strictly for Malaysian only. That's why it's require your Malaysian IC number. Non-Malaysian, later i tell you one more business.

If you're Malaysian with valid identity card number, it's your chance to join for registration and earn money. RM1 will be credited inside your account upon registration. Free registration. What are you waiting for, click here to join.

For any non-Malaysian who want to join this cool programme,
you may like to check this cool website with same method of business but the payment in USD. This one open for all human who lives on Planet Earth with valid e- mail and snail mail address.

The registration totally free. What are you waiting for. Join now before it's too late. You not going to lose even 1 cent on this. Register here to join. Tell me if you already get lots of money from this later and we all can laugh together.



  1. Ken: da di dam da di dam

  2. woots....mesti byk suda duit ko ni kan? ahahahahaa....

  3. Amy: hahahahaha...ada lah ckit2...yang satu tu banyaklah...LOL...banyak lagi aku mo join ni.. karang aku test..