Sunday, October 4, 2009


I woke up this morning with tears flows out from my eyes. I had a dream (can it be consider as nightmare?) about the place in the picture. I dreamt where i saw you crying there. Crying for what? I don't know. I'm just like a stranger to you. I want to hold you right away but i can't :-(.

"my son, you can hold her if you can break down the A Famosa wall.." out of sudden, a voice whispering my ear. Who was that? And what does it mean? My heart felt very sad watching you crying.

Maybe it's a riddle for me to solve. A riddle that need my brain to think thoroughly. Why am i need to destroy the A Famosa wall after what the Dutch did? My body and brain still very tired from yesterday gig. Maybe this dream (nightmare?) only created by my tired brain which my vein can't do their job "feeding" a blood to "him".



  1. She miss you my friend

  2. it's only a dream maybe

  3. If you show me her photo, i'm sure i can read her

  4. as u coment thru my blog just now, so here goes the sme advice. :)
    stay on smiling dear fren :)
    u wont noe wat will happen next so just keep on positive :)

  5. Christy: ahh ... that's my friend Luke which always follows my blog and my co-editor. He's updating my blog while i'm away. By the way, do you mind we exchange a link? Thanks for the advice my friend :-)

  6. haha owh okok
    i see.
    nah i dont mind :)
    anyway i've add you already. :)

  7. ajai... exchange link kita hahahaha